24 - 27 october 2022

St. petersburg, Convention and Exhibition Centre "Expoforum"

25th World Energy Congress

24 - 27 october 2022, St. petersburg, Convention and Exhibition Centre "Expoforum"



The World Energy Congress provides a unique space for the global energy community to come together and engage in strategic dialogue on critical developments in the energy sector.

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The World Energy Congress provides unique opportunities to reach global leaders from within and beyond the energy sector.

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Exhibiting offers the opportunity to showcase your brand within the exhibition and promote your services and solutions to attendees.

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25th World Energy Congress:
24-27 october 2022

For almost a century, the triennial World Energy Congress has provided a unique space for the global energy community to convene and engage in strategic dialogue on critical developments in the energy sector. The global flagship event of the World Energy Council, the Congress represents all sectors of the energy system and adjacent industries with over 5,000 delegates. The Congress supports the Council’s mission by providing a highly visible, world-class stage to meet whole energy system challenges head on - from shaping the future of energy policy to activating a successful energy transition around the world.

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Jean-Marie Dauger

Message for the attendees of 25th World Energy Congress from Chairman of World Energy Council Jean-Marie Dauger

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Jean-Marie Dauger

Distinguished Ministers, Government officials, Members, Partners, Speakers and Delegates of the upcoming 25th World Energy Congress!

We look forward to welcoming you in St. Petersburg, Russia in October 2022.

As a global leader on the international energy agenda, Russia has been a co-founder and an active member of the World Energy Council for more than 90 years and last hosted the Congress in 1968, when it was held in Moscow.

First held in 1924, the World Energy Councils’ triennial four-day flagship World Energy Congress brings together energy leaders from all sectors and parts of the value chain, featuring immersive knowledge and insights experiences to challenge and build understanding of the energy transition. It covers all aspects related to the energy sector.

The purpose of this triennial gathering of ministers, CEOs, experts and representatives of energy, financial and energy related sectors is to explore transformational energy transition pathways that offer new economic opportunities while enriching the lives of all people on the planet, enabling whole societies to flourish, and regenerating the Earth’s natural life support systems. It provides the ideal platform, neutral as to any specific form of energy, for global communities to come together in achieving energy transitions that enrich lives.

Now, more than ever, the world needs platform facilitating international dialogue between all parties with an interest in the development of energy and other energy related sectors decision makers. It is our ambition that the Congress in St. Petersburg will be such a platform and enable representatives of all continents to come together to solve the key challenges facing the energy systems, energy producers and energy users.

The World Energy Council highly appreciates the support of the Russian government authorities, Minister of energy and Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council for the dialogue with the international energy community and expresses confidence that the anniversary 25th World Energy Congress organised by the Roscongress Foundation will be held at the highest level.

Meanwhile, the preparations have started already, and we will keep you updated on the developments. We look forward to seeing your involvement and support!

Jean-Marie Dauger

Chair, World Energy Council

Alexander Novak

Russian Minister of Energy and Organizing Committee Deputy Chairman Alexander Novak speaks about the World Energy Congress

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Александр Новак

For 97 years, the World Energy Council has been one of the most authoritative discussion platforms for issues related to the development of energy. Russia has played an active role in the Council from day one. Sessions held at the Congress are attended by leading specialists from the world’s biggest companies. These people also contribute to the work done by the Council’s technical committees and working groups. It is here that key questions are posed and resolved. These are questions which determine the reliability of energy supply for entire continents, the efficiency and security of applied technologies, and drivers and reserves for global economic growth. We believe in the power and importance of constructive, non-political dialogue in such a crucial sector as energy, and we look forward to welcoming you to St. Petersburg in 2022.

Alexander Novak

Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation

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About the World Energy Council

The World Energy Council has been at the heart of global, regional and national energy debates for nearly a century. With more than 3,000 member organisations in around 90 countries, drawn from governments, business and society, the Council is the world’s first and only truly global member-based energy network.

Council works dynamically across the whole energy sector as a global energy transition platform, developing new thinking and driving effective action to achieve the benefits of sustainable energy for all.

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