What is the world energy congress


For almost a century, the triennial World Energy Congress has provided a unique space for the global energy community to convene and engage in strategic dialogue on critical developments in the energy sector. The global flagship event of the World Energy Council, the Congress represents all sectors of the energy system and adjacent industries with over 5,000 delegates. The Congress supports the Council’s mission by providing a highly visible, world-class stage to meet whole energy system challenges head on - from shaping the future of energy policy to activating a successful energy transition around the world.

In the 97-year history of the World Energy Council, the Congress has been staged in over 20 cities across the world and the 25th World Energy Congress will take place in St Petersburg on 24–27 October 2022.

The last three World Energy Congresses took place in:

24th World Energy Congress

9–12 September 2019Abu Dhabi, UAE

23th World Energy Congress

9–13 October 2016Istanbul, Turkey

22th World Energy Congress

13–17 October 2013Daegu, South Korea

24th World Energy Congress post-show report

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Hosted by the Russian Federation, the 25th edition of the World Energy Congress will be held from 24 to 27 October 2022 in St Petersburg at the ExpoForum.

Held every three years and positioned as the key event of the World Energy Council, the Congress is the longest-running and most influential energy event in the world.

The 25th World Energy Congress aims to bring together international energy stakeholders, including governments, private and state corporations, academia and the Media.


The World Energy Council has been at the heart of global, regional and national energy debates for nearly a century. With more than 3,000 member organisations in around 90 countries, drawn from governments, business and society, the Council is the world’s first and only truly global member-based energy network.

Council works dynamically across the whole energy sector as a global energy transition platform, developing new thinking and driving effective action to achieve the benefits of sustainable energy for all.

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The World Energy Council’s strength is derived from its network of National Member Committees.

These autonomous bodies are important organizations in their own countries, often enjoying active support from the government and leading energy companies. Together they constitute the world’s most influential network of energy leaders and practitioners dedicated to promoting sustainable supply and use of energy to the greatest benefit of all.

The World Energy Council has Member Committees in nearly 100 countries, including the largest energy-producing and energy consuming nations. Corporations, organizations and individuals can join the World Energy Council’s network through the National Committee in their country of interest. Membership is made up of autonomous Member Committees representing the broadest possible range of energy and energy-related interests in their countries:

Energy producers, providers, and marketers
Energy and power ministries
National energy associations
Energy manufacturers, fuel producers
Decision-makers, policy-makers
Government agencies
Research and academic institutions
Energy users
Environmental organizations
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