World Energy Council Secretary General: Three Potential World Energy Scenarios

World Energy Council Secretary General: Three Potential World Energy Scenarios

Issues like the future of the energy industry, implementation of green energy, decarbonization, and regional development approach form the agenda of the World Energy Congress 2022. St. Petersburg will host this large-scale discussion of cooperation opportunities. The Congress is organized by the World Energy Council, Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council, and the Roscongress Foundation.  

According to Anton Kobyakov, Advisor to the President of the Russian Federation, when global economy is highly volatile dialogue between all market participants and consumers becomes particularly important. “National committees of nearly 90 countries on the World Energy Council should consolidate to act as one. Energy industry today is not a competition between producers, but a field for friendly cooperation. Those who take into account regional versatility and their consumers will have an advantage. Global energy landscape is not imaginable without Russia. Our country and our energy industry with its research and development expertise have a lot to offer the professional community in search of new ways,” said Mr. Kobyakov.

Earlier this month Cape Town hosted Africa Energy Indaba. During the conference, Dr Angela Wilkinson, World Energy Council General Secretary and CEO suggested to discuss three potential scenarios for the future of the energy sector titled “An Unfinished Symphony”, “Hard Rock” and “Contemporary Jazz”. The latter assumes an innovative market path, the first understands the coordinated global policy in the energy field, whereas the “Hard Rock” envisions locally formed fragmented markets.

Prior to Dr. Wilkinson’s visit to Russia in April, Sergei Brilev, Deputy Director for Special Information Programming at RTR, interviewed her about the future of the industry.

“The main goal of the energy community is to admit that there are numerous different points of view. Energy systems have regional versatility, so we need to get together to find our common voice. The key is not forcing a consensus but creating a platform for cooperation. This is what we do. We are not looking for a complete consensus, as it cannot exist in the world with such different needs, plans and perspectives” said Dr.Wilkinson.

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