New research committee launched under World Energy Council’s Russian National Committee

New research committee launched under World Energy Council’s Russian National Committee

In May 2020, a new research committee was set up under the Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council (RNC WEC). This body, which is made up of representatives of member companies, will work with the executive directorate of the RNC WEC. It will provide assistance in formulating a consolidated position and determining Russia’s contribution to vital aspects affecting the operation and development of the fuel and energy industry. The country’s position will be reflected in the World Energy Council’s main research papers and resources, which will in turn have a major impact on developing and assessing the effectiveness of global, regional, and national energy policies.

The role of the research committee is particularly important in view of the 25th World Energy Congress, which will be held in St. Petersburg on 24–27 October 2022. The Congress is the world’s biggest event focusing on strategic issues related to all areas of the fuel and energy industry. It will be attended by heads of state and government, ministers, and representatives of strategically important companies from more than 150 countries worldwide. The event is being organized by the Russian National Committee of the World Energy Council, the World Energy Council, and the Roscongress Foundation.

The Government of the Russian Federation issued Order 1097-r on 22 April 2020, which confirmed the appointment of Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Yury Borisov as Chairman of the Congress Organizing Committee. Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation and Chairman of the RNC WEC Alexander Novak was appointed Deputy Chairman of the Organizing Committee. The Organizing Committee includes representatives of national and regional government bodies, and senior executives from Russia’s biggest fuel and energy companies.

The concerted systemic efforts by representatives of Russia’s leading fuel and energy companies within the RNC WEC’s research committee are helping to reinforce the visibility of Russia’s position and contribution with regards the World Energy Council’s strategic and information documents. These subsequently have a bearing on industry-specific documents released by the UN and other leading intergovernmental organizations. Over time, this will enable the international energy community to gain an objective and balanced understanding of Russia’s plans, approaches, and interests. They are able to view and appraise achievements and best practices by Russian companies in the field of digital transformation. These particularly pertain to ensuring an affordable and reliable energy supply for all, as well as other sustainable development goals.

Of particular note is the work begun by the RNC WEC’s research committee to amend the methodology underpinning the drafting of the Energy Issues Monitor, which identifies action priorities and critical uncertainties. This methodology review initiative was spearheaded by the national committees of France, Belgium, Germany, Italy, and Russia during events led by the World Energy Council’s Executive Assembly in September 2019. Issues which were discussed during the drafting of the Agenda will be treated by the World Energy Council’s Central Office as central topics when it comes to drafting the business programme for the 25th World Energy Congress.

In this regard, the RNC WEC is extending an offer of closer cooperation to fuel and energy companies in Russia interested in being involved in shaping the international energy agenda. Member companies have the option of appointing a representative to the research committee.

The research committee is currently made up of 18 senior executives and experts from various energy‑related sectors. Together, they represent 14 companies and research centres. A full list of committee members can be viewed here.


The World Energy Council’s research papers and other resources include factual reports, analytical documents, white papers, and other research papers. Together, they promote the World Energy Council’s energy transition agenda and convey expert perspectives on matters considered by the council to be of critical importance to energy leaders the world over.

The World Energy Council’s main research papers and resources include the following:

The World Energy Congress is the main event held under the World Energy Council umbrella, and the biggest and most influential event in energy. It covers all aspects and news related to the energy sector. First held in 1924, the World Energy Congress takes place every three years. The event includes a specialized exhibition, with a range of industries represented. These include energy, architecture, engineering, construction, coal mining, technology, contracting, finance and investment, consulting and analysis, oil, gas, professional unions, and the media. The 25th World Energy Congress will be held on 24–27 October 2022 in St. Petersburg. The event is organized by the Roscongress Foundation.

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